FreePhone Corporate provides the entire range of Telstra mobile communication products
and services.

  • A wide range of mobile phone call plans to suit
    individual employee requirements
  • The latest mobile hardware and accessories
  • Next G™ data plans to suit a plethora
    of connectivity requirements
  • Onsite consultation, training
    and support
  • Mobile based content and
    data services

FreePhone Corporate has developed a totalmanagement solution (“TMS”) to ensure that we proactively meet your needs.

What this means for you is:

  • Personalised service
  • Customised solutions
  • Cost efficiencies

Read more to the right about each element to find out more about Freephone Corporates TMS.


  • Conduct a regular review of your call and data usage against the projected call and data usage to ensure that each of your employees is on the most cost effective call plan for them.
  • Conduct an annual review of your internal processes to ensure we are effective in achieving the objectives identified in the Needs Assessment.

Needs Assessment

  • Ensure we fully understand your business, so that we can proactively recommend and advise.
  • Define your objectives and any business parameters (such as budget constraints).
  • Develop caller profiles for your employees, and then identify the best plans and technology for each profile.
  • Demonstrate the available technology and services, provide advice on where technology is likely to go, and explain the available call plans.
  • Document the outcome of the needs assessment, provide a recommended technology and services plan, and a cost budget for the recommended plan (including projected call costs based on projected call usage).

Implement & Install

  • Introduce you to your personal account manager.
  • Manage the entire sign up process for your new plans, providing you with completed documentation, and arrange for the transfer of any existing numbers and services.
  • Deliver new handsets and other mobile devices pre configured to suit customers network, security and other setup requirements.
  • Conduct training and demonstrations as required.s
  • Create process documentation to enable you to better manage the deployment of mobile communications throughout your company.


  • Provide personalised account management to handle all billing and services queries. Manage all device repairs and warrantly claims.
  • Monthly service reports to track changes in your service portfolio.
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